Is Technology The New Way To Get Over Your Ex?

Is Technology The New Way To Get Over Your Ex?

Technology has been put to some great uses over time; sharing information, enabling air travel, helping us find dates when nobody wants to speak to us in real life. But up until now, there’s been one glaring hole in the capabilities of technology: fixing broken hearts.

Break-ups are never nice. They drag on and on, make you feel like shit, and smudge your mascara on the daily. So thank god for the arrival of new app, Mend, created by former Google employee Ellen Huerta, which claims it’ll cure your heartbreak.

The app, Mend, which offers the first week for free, will act as a “personal trainer for heartbreak”, according to The New York Times, guiding you on how to deal with your ever-changing emotions and helping you avoid making awful decisions like Facebook stalking your ex or texting them in the middle of the night when drunk.

The app consists of a ’28 day heartbreak cleanse’, which requires the newly single person to listen to a short audio excerpt every day to help you. The user’s progress is then tracked, giving them visible evidence of their emotional improvement, as well as offering “breakup advice 24/7 from our amazing community”.

And to be fair, this could be a real help. When I was broken-hearted, I suddenly developed this weird habit of googling incessantly, trying to find stories of other people who were in the same situation as me so I wouldn’t feel so alone. Which is why I think the feeling of a shared community and active encouragement to feel better in your own time is definitely something that would help people experiencing a a break-up start to feel more ‘normal’ again.

The app is gender neautral, not identifying users as either sex and only referring to your previous partner as “your ex”, so as not to assume it was necessarily a heterosexual relationship. And that’s another positive, maybe this gender anonymity might help men – who as a general stereotype tend to keep their emotions about a break-up to themselves as opposed to opening up about it – address their feelings and help them get over their former partners.

So now you know where to go when your heart next gets broken. There’s nothing like having a plan in life. What do you think about this? Would you give it a go if you were heart broken and struggling to get over a failed relationship? I’d love to hear your thoughts as always….


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