The Aftermath of Last Night’s Pain

The Aftermath of Last Night’s Pain

I hate mornings like these. Even if you wake up feeling okay, your reminded all day of how you felt yesterday. Every time you see your reflection and see your puffy eyes(from spending the evening crying) its hard to just forget how you felt, when you can see it, and feel the pressure behind your eyes all day long.

The pain from yesterday might not be as bad, but there is no getting away from it. When you start to think about how you felt the pain and hopelessness comes rolling back into your mind. It seems like you’re doing a balancing act, just hanging there waiting for the next tiny thing (that might not normally break you down) come and knock you down. The constant pressure and ache in your head is too much to just ignore.

The pain was there yesterday, once again you felt so hopeless, you didn’t know how things would ever get better, and now today you have constant reminders of those feelings.

How do you move forward and try to create a happy day when you can see and feel yesterdays pain?


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