Is Chivalry Still Important?

Is Chivalry Still Important?

The very word “chivalry” evokes thoughts of Medieval knights and movies of that age in which the behaviour of men towards women was marked by great respect and affectation. Unfortunately, such behaviour seems as ancient as that distant time, yet chivalry is still one of the strongest aspects in how men and women demonstrate their respect towards the other.

For men of today, demonstrating a chivalrous attitude through simple expressions of behavior can go a long way towards furthering a relationship. In fact, it is one of the great visual cues that women recognise in men their respect for who they are.

What is Chivalry?

Chivalry dates back to the Medieval age when knights were trained not only in forms of combat, but also of respect for the opposite sex. It was a code of conduct that actually extended beyond their relationships with women.

Chivalry was the expression of spiritual faith, love of country and respect for all those who are under the protection of the knight. This included telling the truth and fighting for a good and just cause.

However, as the Medieval period gave way to modern times, many aspects of chivalry were lost simply because the knights were no longer needed to protect the people. Still, vestiges of chivalrous behaviour continue to survive to this day, most notably in the treatment of men towards women.

What Chivalry Demonstrates in Your Relationship

First and foremost, proper chivalry demonstrates the respect, consideration and admiration that a man has towards women and in particular the one that he is in a relationship with.

One of the most overlooked aspects in a relationship is the appreciation that you each have for the other’s contributions which will often go unnoticed and taken for granted.

Chivalry helps to reinforce the expression of feelings and affection that a man has for his partner.

For women, accepting and thanking chivalrous behaviour is an acknowledgement of the act and an appreciation as well.

Examples of Chivalrous Behaviour

There are numerous examples of chivalrous behavior that are still practiced today. What follows are the more common examples:

Opening a door
Pulling out a chair
Giving up your seat
Walking on the outside
Standing when a woman enters or returns to the room

These are but five examples of how men express chivalry in a relationship and to people in general. In fact, it is an excellent quality in a man to show respect towards everyone.

Respect is a very powerful quality that is expressed both by the person who demonstrates chivalry and those who receive it. Such actions help to strengthen the bond between men and women who are in a relationship.

While not all examples of chivalry need to be observed in this day and age, it can help tighten the bonds between those in a relationship.

For both men and women, the act of chivalry is certainly not dead and its continued practice helps bring you together in a more respectful and intimate way.


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