Lies you are telling yourself

Lies you are telling yourself

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By David Joel Miller

If you are telling yourself these things you are lying to yourself and may not even know it.

Photo courtesy of Flickr (renaissancechambara)

1. I can’t do it

Can’t usually means wont. By telling yourself you are not able to do a thing you convert your own mind into an enemy. Your brain starts creating this failure. Tell yourself you will fail and you will.

People who are positive are much more successful. They tell themselves they can and many times this turns out to be true.

2. Other people think badly of me.

Most of the time, most people are too involved in their own lives to pay any attention to you. Unless they are saying they do not like you and what you are doing, it would be a mistake to think that others disapprove.

Blaming other people for not likeing you creates…

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