Thoughts on prayers and saying thank you to God

Thoughts on prayers and saying thank you to God

This morning I said a prayer out loud to God, wishing luck to my boyfriend who was starting a new job today. I thought about it later today and thought it was the first time in a long time that I actually said a prayer aloud. This got me thinking about prayers in general and here is a summary of my thoughts…..

People are often surprised to hear that I pray every day, some days more than others. People have asked me in the past how to pray and how do you think of anything to say or ask of God. Nothing is too big or too small to pray for. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by a situation such as war or famine and we feel we can’t do anything about it. We can. We can pray. We shouldn’t ever doubt the power of prayer. When we are moved by something we see on the news or read online, we should say a prayer. Any feelings of sadness or compassion inside us is in fact a type of prayer. But it becomes bigger if we do actually acknowledge it in the form of a prayer.

When you hear an ambulance or walk past a hospital, say a quick prayer for whoever is sick and for those who are caring for them. We all need to expand our circle of prayers out from ourselves, our family and friends. You are being called upon to pray for other people, including people in the world whom you have never met.

We need to pray for our communities and our leaders – politicians, business leaders, church leaders, community leaders. We all need to pray that they will listen to God and make the right decisions, as their decisions affect us all.

Too often though, we forget to say thankyou, to say a prayer of gratitude. When we do, it helps us to appreciate more of the blessings we have received and deepens and strengthens our faith and our relationships with God. Saying prayers of gratitude help us to realise how much we actually have and gives us hope and confidence for the future.

I’d like to share a prayer with you a read a few weeks ago which I think is very fitting for this blog article. It was written by Lorna Byrne and is titled ‘A Prayer of Thanks’.


Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me, my God.

The blessing of having a soul, that spec of your light;

The blessing of the gift of the my guardian angel for eternity, who never leaves me even for one second;

The blessing of the peace and love that dwell in me;

The blessing of the family you have given me;

The blessing of those you send into my life for companionship;

The blessing of living in harmony with those around me;

The blessing of my labour, my work;

The blessing of all the material things I have in my life, big and small;

The blessings of all this wonderful world and nature all around me;

Thank you, my God, for all the things I forget to thank you for.

And most of all, thank you, my God, for continuing to bless my life.




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