Easy Ways To Get Active!

Easy Ways To Get Active!

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been updating much, my life’s been pretty busy lately. So today I’m going to share a few ways to get active instead of just munching chocolate in front of your computer everyday.

1) Stand up while watching TV. We all love the sofa once we turn on the TV, and we can spend hours with our bums on it when we have our eyes glued onto the TV. Now, it’s time to kick that habit and start to stand while watching TV! It’s one of the simplest ways to get active. If it’s too difficult for you to stand during an entire TV programme, try to stand during commercial breaks and walk around, or find reasons to go up and down the stairs a few times.

2) Lunch with friends? Go shopping too! I’m not sure if this applies to guys as well, but it’s good to go shopping or walk around the place when you have a date with your friends. After lunch, just head over to the stores and have a look around! The walking will help burn a few calories, so it’ll be great if you hang out at a bigger mall.

3) Find a few buddies and play sports! Who said exercise can’t be fun? Get together with a few friends and play a game of football, netball or even go swimming with your friends! Sports isn’t really your thing? Get together and have a dance battle, play an active game of charades, go to a zumba class or go for a walk around your local park.  Anything is fine as long as you’re moving about!

Hope this helps!

Love, Shelley. ♥


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