Family Friend Taken Away…..

Family Friend Taken Away…..

I found out this evening that a close family friend has passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer only weeks ago and he deteriorated quickly. His illness and death seem to have come from nowhere and have made me think about how precious every day is, yet I take it for granted. I wanted to share a poem with you written by Sharon L. Heiston:

There are only a handful of people
That you’ll meet in life
That truly touch your heart
And make you glad you’re alive

They’ve got a special presence
When they walk into a room
It’s almost like they were sent there
To take away your gloom

They can make you happy when
Everything seems sad
So happy it almost makes you mad

They forget about their problems
And brighten up your day
And you don’t realize it until
They’ve gone away

They teach us to enjoy everyday
Live life to the fullest
Laugh, love and play
Because there’s no guarantee
You’ll get another day

So if you have a chance to make someone smile don’t pass up the opportunity to make them happy for a while
It may be their last chance and
You’ll remember them and their smile.

RIP Danny x

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