Can Humour Be Useful In Lead Generation?

Can Humour Be Useful In Lead Generation?

Being funny can be a great ice breaker for many people. Who has not seen an otherwise mundane occasion becoming special when someone decides to stand up and tickle your funny bones? A little humour can go a long way in establishing a level of levity with people. So why are a lot of firms, especially those in telemarketing, not practicing this? There are so many benefits that humour can give for companies that practice it. So why are company owners and employees seemingly hesitant to implement this on a larger scale? There are some factors that can explain this.

To start with, we could blame it on the current mind-set of many businessmen, particularly those associated with Human Resources. In their point of view, and they do have a point about it, being funny is detrimental to the over-all performance of an employee. In fact, this might be a cause of problems with other employees. Also, there is the perceived notion that funny people will not be taken seriously by business prospects. In terms of telemarketing campaigns, this is a bad trait for business. But still, why do some business experts see humour as the answer for increased productivity?

There are several reasons for that:

It livens up conversations – telemarketers would love to keep their prospects interested on the phone. And if humor can provide that spark in the negotiations, then humor should be used.

It instills confidence in telemarketers – confidence is everything in the world of lead generation. If you do not sound confident enough, prospects will not do business with you. Practicing a little humor on the job will help an employee believe that he/she can do it.

It helps people see problems in a different perspective – being able to see things differently are a mark of a good humorist. It is also a good characteristic of problem-solvers. To make light of an issue, while at the same time dealing with it concretely, is a big help in business.

It reduces stress – telemarketing firms know that generating B2B leads can be a stressful task. That is why it makes sense to lighten the pressure with the help of good, old-fashioned humor. It can keep a person going despite the daily grind.

It engages others – the best jokes work when other people enjoy it as well. People will more likely work more often with you if they find you to be engaging and fun to be with. For telemarketing managers, it also helps break the ice with their subordinates.

Of course, the main reason why some businesses are railing against humour is because of the fine line it treads. Go over it, and you can be sure to end up with a lot of problems. Some of the challenges would lie along harassment, prejudices, and other degradations that may impact the working capacity of the person the joke was directed at. Humour is good, as long as it does not offend. It takes great skills and experience to pull it off. Still, the rewards in return will be worth more than the effort.



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